First discovered in Arizona in 1893 by Noble Prize-winning French scientist Henri Moissan, Moissanite is a radiant stone that evokes exceptional character and clarity. Natural occurring Moissanite is by far the rarest jewel on earth, he discovered only a minute amount of this new material from meteorite specimens from the stars.  Scientists later found several notable features of Moissanite, including:

- It is more brilliant than diamonds.  It has higher refractive index and light dispersion and is less likely to attract dirt and grime than a diamond.  This means it will stay more brilliant between cleanings.

- Moissanite has superior heat resistance, withstanding any fires. It can be cast in place, allowing more innovative, exact-fit designs.
Moissanite is harder than sapphires and rubies and therefore more difficult to scratch.

- Like most other socially responsible gemstones, modern Moissanite is laboratory grown. It is conflict-free, environmentally friendly, and socially more responsible than diamonds.

    At Jingyayiwe use moissanite in the finest colorless range (diamond grading D, E, F) and VS+ clarity.  We design our moissanite with perfect proportions and meticulously cut by the most experienced artisans to achieve excellent fire and sparkle.


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